Hello everyone, how are you?

Some say I am a pain (they don’t know the half of it) and that I never stop going on about Primavera Sound… and I think, bloody hell, if I don’t make a noise who the hell will… And, what’s the Internet for anyway… Blogs, forums, Twitter or that Facebook crap. So much nonsense just a click away means that for a charlatan like myself it is almost impossible to stop… Everybody is entitled to their I don’t know how many seconds of fame and here I am willing to take more than my share.

In fact it’s your fault for reading me. I bet that more than one of you is trying to read between the lines to find the initials of the band that revolutionised the seven-tube amplifier at the beginnings of the seventies and that will absolutely definitely play at PS. Trainspotters, you are all total trainspotters!!!!

Yeah well ok, here goes

Lots of people ask why we aren’t revealing the confirmations little by little during the lead up to Christmas. It’s what we used to do and the YouTube videos were the highlight of those long difficult autumn Mondays. What can I say? This year we felt like waiting until the end of January to reveal the line up and then the traditional press conference would be something more than a re reading of the already well publicised line up. The truth is that it is a pain in the arse setting up all that circus to talk about something you already know about. Let’s not be too silly.

So I am going back on my word and if it used to be cool to do it before everyone else and to reveal 4 headliners in mid November, now what rocks is waiting and revealing everything at once for a more resounding effect. And anyway, uploading videos of the bands you have announced is so yesterday, and true to our status of professional snobs it is better to stand out from the rest.

But Gabi, tell us something about the 2013 line up……Told you were a pain!!!!!

Anyway, this year we are really happy. I think it is the first time in our history that we have managed to programme everything we wanted to and with only a couple of confirmations missing from bands with which negotiations are already well under way (cross your fingers), we can say that it is the line up we’d always had in mind and that it would be difficult to do better. What is not there wasn’t in our plans. What I am saying is that the line up is 100% PS and that anyone who doesn’t like it is at the wrong festival.

Really, the #bestfestivalever is no exaggeration, given the perimeters in which we are moving we couldn’t have been luckier and the 2013 edition will be one which you remember.

In fact, here some of us would say that this is could turn around and bite us in the arse, as the chances of repeating a line up like this in 2014 are as unlikely as snow in August. Next year people will remember this line up as being the best ever… But we will deal with that then and we will find ways to justify ourselves. Why else did our parents pay for our Masters in sophistry?

The total number of letters in the names of the headliners is 33.

The number of female components in the headliners is one or none.

The square root of nine is three.


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