Sant Adrià

As in any other event there are always some people you have to invite, be it because they are colleagues from the same sector, institutions or sponsors. Although we are usually very careful when handing out invitations, we always reach the point when we are giving away more than we would like to and so we realised that we had to start asking people to pay for them.

It was at the 2010 edition that we decided to ask guests pay for their invitations and we coupled this idea with another that we had been toying with for some time, the desire to support an institution the work of which had a positive impact on the immediate social environment around the Parc del Fòrum of Barcelona, where the San Miguel Primavera Sound festival takes place every year. This is why at the last two editions we donated all the money raised from the sale of the invitations to social projects in that district.

The associations that we have donated money to were chosen with the assistance of the Town Hall of Sant Adrià. Sito, who has been the mayor of Sant Adrià for twenty years, has always treated us with respect and affection. Sito is a pleasant person to deal with and when you speak to him you quickly realise that he is passionate about his work and his town, he wants to improve conditions in this small neighbourhood that lives in the shadow of the big city that is Barcelona and all that this entails socially speaking.

For the second year running, part of the money raised from the invitations was given to the association Sant Adrià APRODISA for mentally handicapped people. Sito, himself and Ma Ángeles introduced us to the association and the important work they do providing work and training to these people.

These mentally handicapped people do important work for the town, be it cleaning, fixing or recording any damage in public spaces. Ten out of ten for APRODISA for the incredibly important work that they are doing and for our part we try to do our bit every year. In this edition and for the first time we have decided to donate part of the money raised to a second social project in Sant Adrià, the Gimnasio La Mina Gervasio Deferr.

Gervasio Deferr, the Olympic gymnastics multi-medal winner, together with Víctor and other Olympic sportsmen, have created a gymnasium for children in La Mina. For those of you who don’t know it, we have to say that historically La Mina is one of the most deprived metropolitan areas and has for a long time suffered from the drug scourge and delinquency. This seems to be changing and Gervasio and Victor are doing all that they can to help this process, sharing their knowledge so that many boys and girls of the neighbourhood can have a daily doses of excitement with summersaults, flips and back flips and who knows maybe one day in the future one of them will surprise us at the Olympics.

As an ex gymnast I have to say that I am a great fan of Gervi and that it really pissed me off when they stole his gold at the Shanghai Olympics despite an impeccable and perilous floor exercise. Now he has another challenge, his objective and that of all those involved is to keep this project afloat, a difficult task that they are carrying out with scant resources. He gives it his all as a trainer and lends his name to a neighbourhood that needs to integrate itself and feel part of the metropolis that has treated it badly for years.

Alberto Guijarro

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