What could have been and will be.

With the bands announced up till now we still have time to make the best line up ever or the biggest load of rubbish you can possibly imagine.  Give us a little more time and then we’ll talk.  For now we have announced the first few names nothing more.

A few days ago I told you on the forum that I was trying to come up with a leitmotiv common to the first bands announced.  Obviously I haven’t come up with one.

I have written on other occasions that you don’t look for the line up, that somehow the line up comes to you.  Well, this year I am having serious trouble working out what this edition is all about…And I am not saying that it is better or worse, but that for the moment I find this rather disconcerting.  Maybe we are putting together the least Primavera Sound line up of the last few years and I would be hard pushed to explain why….Maybe it is the least obvious, because the options are a little more risky (risky for the programme I mean) or because there is too much novelty, who knows whether it is the fact that there are less repetitions or a smaller quota of classic bands at the festival, the question is that I am still not sure about the theme that I was talking about before.  Or maybe, what I am trying to say is that, that is what is good about the 2012 edition it is not as obvious, it has less repetition and doesn’t resort to old allies as much……Maybe that is the theme, maybe that without being able to understand it we can already verbalise it.  Long live PS2012!!!!!


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