Today is Maria’s birthday.  Twenty-five years old, a quarter of a century, congratulations….  It’s Thursday and I am writing to you from Tuscany, from a country house near the village of Volterra. Pablo, Alberto, Sònia and I came here with our families to spend a few days resting and recovering from the fatigue after the festival. This is something that we have been doing for a while now; we all get together and spend a few days far away from the noise. It is a good way of calming in-house tensions and of rebuilding the ties that have sometimes become “frayed” because of too much close contact during Primavera Sound. Almost every time a friend turns up, this year it was Sònia Domènech, deputy director of La Razón and close friend of all of us who work in this company. Together we went over results and exchanged ideas on how to face the future, on where to put a coma or where to put a dash, on what are the really important terms that need to be underlined and at what moment we need to know how t o read between the lines. Sitting at the table with quite a few bottles of Rosso de Montepulciano we debated the line of the next edition.  As we knew that this time we would have more work than usual on this trip, we got Mari to come with us to give us the tactical support that we would certainly need. She is a slight girl and she never shuts up, a fan of the festival and of it forums who started working with us almost a year ago to coordinate internal communication and logistics. As you all know, the forum of the festival is for us a second family and some of the people with whom we share the day to day in the office were “ recruited” from that community.  We like to be surrounded by people who live a breath “music” and who also give a critical perspective that after so many years on this side of the fence we can easily lose.

Well, once again the plan worked.  The food was excellent; the wine out of this world and the countryside was the perfect setting to make a series of decisions that I think will be very important in the development of the next editions.

We have talked a lot about our new location, what it should be like and what it should be in the future.  It won’t be like the English style festival in two cities at the same time, it will take place the week after the event in Barcelona and although it will have less stages (for the moment, the idea is that in the future it will have the same number), the programme will basically be the same.

We are trying to solve the problem of capacity in Barcelona by attracting part of our audience to that second capital which will allow us to keep growing.  Time will tell us if this measure has the desired effect but in the meantime we are very excited about this new adventure.  In the last couple of years we have had several proposals to do another PS in various European capitals but this is the only time that we have felt 100% sure that it could be successful.  Both the site and the contacts there are excellent and the support and implication from the public administration are very important.  Now all we have to do is get down to work to make this second event as relevant on the agenda as the current Primavera Sound

Finally, just to let you know that the official announcement of the new location will be at the beginning of next week and that one week later the VIP tickets for both events will go on sale.  The prices of the San Miguel Primavera Sound Barcelona will be the same as for the last edition and together with the first names for Primavera Club 2011 the combined PSound + Pclub full festival tickets will appear.

See you at the Fly me to the moon….





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