When we started this blog we started with the firm conviction that we would use this new tool of communication like a logbook for this edition of the festival.  A sort of diary that would document the day to day of an event that because of its idiosyncrasy really lent itself to this.  Since then we have tried to show, from behind the scenes, how the line up of a spectacular edition was decided, where we went and who we spoke to, what our current objectives were in order to later contrast them with the final result.  We have travelled half the world and have witnessed the efforts of hoards of freeloaders to get on board and at some moments we have come close to those intimate moments when it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between the person and the character.  But then along comes reality, sarcasm’s good friend, to show me that what we had been documenting for months was something like the story of the particularly difficult moment of my life I was living.  A crossroads where my past converged with a new uncertain future that lies ahead.  And it is precisely because rereading some of the lines I had written which were explicit and painfully premonitory that I had to step back from this blog and forget this self imposed obligation of documenting our journey for a while.

Now it seems that a new day is dawning and that maybe it is not too late to start again.  Maybe the person behind the character will help him to write the happy ending to such a surprising script.  Perhaps it is true that all’s well that ends well and for that reason I want to make an effort so that in the future we will be able to see this adventure as something positive.  Maybe the best purgatory is getting back to normal and what we need to talk about now are the changes.

Changes all round.  These weeks of inactivity on the blog greatly contrast with the incessant movement in our office.  The days have become longer and right about now we are reaching our maximum speed.  Lately, several work teams have made superhuman efforts to make some of the most surprising changes that we will introduce in this edition a reality.

On the one hand a general rearrangement of the stages has gone one step further thanks to the negotiations with the new managing team of the Parc del Fórum we have obtained the right to use one of the areas that was most popular with the festival goers.  Past the deadline and running out of time, we decided to move the Pitchfork stage to the area where the Vice stage was in 2008.  Back to one of the spaces that had been the most popular with the crowd at that edition.

There will also be noticeable improvements in the communication between stages, which was a really priority and the solution of our production team to link the Fórum space to the platform in the south of the site will almost certainly be one of the most talked about innovations.  There will also be new and improved food areas and areas in which to relax, as well as a new wireless cinema and several interactive spaces.

But without a doubt the most impressive innovation and the area where the activity is most surprising is in the design of the new payment system at the bars.  The famous PS card will now also be a money card and for the first time in our history the user will have the option to recharge the card from their home and so avoid any queues on the site.  To do this it will be necessary to personalise the card through a very simple process which will allow you to replace it in case of loss and will also act as an electronic record which will give you numerous advantages in the future, like preference when buying VIP festival tickets.

All of these changes are marking the path of the future editions, making PS a festival with all the necessary commodities to allow the crowd to enjoy live music in optimum conditions.  This may seem like all talk no action now, but in a few weeks they will be confirmed by reality.

Anyway, here we are with our hearts beating hard faced with the new challenges of this edition.  Together and particularly thanks to your help I am sure that the two thousand and eleventh edition will be a historical one and one which people will talk about a lot and in glowing terms in the future.  Today more than ever Primavera Sound is as full of life as the season whose name it bears.


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One Response to Aftermath

  1. oootini says:

    hi, hopefully the idea of using a charge card to allow punters to pay for drinks is completely thrown away for next year.

    if the process actually worked (which it spectacularly didn’t), it does not make it easier for the punter to buy drinks, it makes it easier for you as a festival to handle money. sorry, but the best way to take money for drinks is at the bar. pay the extra security and please don’t bother to come up with another stupid harebrained scheme again next year. save yourself the money and leave the ipads + wifi out! it really was one of the most laughable and poorly implemented things i have ever seen.

    the shortest and easiest way between two points in this case is CUSTOMERS POCKET >> BAR TILL. don’t insult the punter by trying to tell him/her that this is for our “safety” and “ease of use”. it’s not.

    also, after all the interminable hassle of the almost permanently crashed portal website and associating a bank card with it, after being promised that i could refund leftover money back to my bank card, the portal is no where to be seen! when is this coming back online?

    DESPITE all this, i had a really great festival and hope to return next year. please do the decent thing next year and give the punter the respect he/she deserves.

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