Back Again


I arrived in NY, my transfer flight was changed, later they cancelled it, I got a place on a small plane, they wouldn’t let me into Canada nor would they let me out of Toronto airport; my suitcase was lost, they found it a day later but my hotel turned it away, in short sleeves in the snow in Toronto, sunshine in Las Vegas, the mother of hangovers, my laptop was stolen, we flew to Austin, Westlake, Guadalupe Plata, Mujeres, Lüger, I got thrown out of my own showcase by the bouncers, more hangover, Twin Shadow, Odd Future, people, lots of people, more people, XL, Beggars Banquet, Pitchfork, margaritas and a beaver hat!, Sunday to Frankfurt via Houston, and from there, at last, to Barcelona.  Never again.

I could explain my journey to North America in many ways.  This is one of them.  Luckily we are no longer at school and nobody has asked me to write a five hundred word-essay.  This is all that is left after eleven exhausting days of listening to background music, watching Fra messing around and not seeing one single concert in proper conditions.

On a positive note my enthusiasm for programming more bands has vanished and now I am getting ready to look for a more useful occupation within the festival.

In the next post on this blog I will tell you about some of the new things in the next edition.  As well as going over some bands that we still have to announce, I would like to write about the new spaces, some ideas on how to improve the services and maybe some future projects.

Getting back to focusing on the day to day of Primavera, which is why this page was started.


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