The month of March is the starting signal for those of us who programme the PS.  The anxiety and rush to close this year’s edition have been and gone, the line up has been revealed and we have taken on board both the positive and the negative reviews.  And this is the time of year when I hang around the office lost in thought.  Should I sit here? Move over a bit?….

I move from table to table and note that their occupants get uncomfortable, what does he want now?  What clever idea is he going to come up with? “ Excuse me Gabi, could you move out of the way please?” …..

On my desk, work is piling up.  I have been asked to write a prologue to a book by Paco and Manolo, to check to information about the bands that will play in the underground and to look at some notes on the Deerhunter tour.

Primavera Club is miles away….What does the programmer do when he isn’t programming?  I interfere in the production meetings: what about a new stage in the port?  A new pay system? Lets move the fair here and put a new area of toilets there.  I say yes to everything, it seems that they have everything under control and that if I open my mouth they will see cobwebs.  I feel so useless….

Suddenly, some good news, “ You and Fra have been invited to give talks at the Canadian Music Week, do you want to go?  Yes, please, that’s my ticket out of here, to get on the road again.  A few days in Toronto watching who knows how many bands, a plane to Las Vegas, another couple of concerts and from there to Austin, just in time to witness, with a margarita in my hand, the explosion of senses that the SXSW is.

Just then, like every year, everything will start making sense again and all my ideas will become so clear that it will be as if they always were.  “ No, Gabi, no, that is not the way to go”

Saved by the bell.



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