Last entry of the year

Last entry of the year and the latest on the festival.  We are still working on the last details of the line up which will be ready by the end of January.  Maybe we will keep some slots open to programme later and make the most of our annual date with SXSW.  Meanwhile we are mainly focused on improving the production and on getting rid of any problems from previous editions.  As I already told you there will be changes in the position of the stages in order to improve the circulation around the festival site.  The news is that we will see the birth of a new stage that will be mainly for new bands.  It is in a brilliant place, very close to the sea and I think that those of you who enjoy concerts where the public is closer to the artist will love it.  And as a promise is a promise and I gave my word that I would reveal the programme of the Wednesday night in the Poble Espanol as soon as possible I can, unofficially, reveal that another of the guest artists that night will be Echo & the Bunnymen who will play their first two records back-to back.  But as I said this is unofficial.  We will be back with more confirmations mid-January.  Happy New Year to you all.


PS: this is one of our favourite songs of this year

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One Response to Last entry of the year

  1. interuptor says:

    Dear Gabi,

    new stage close to the sea and the audience with new bands sounds awesome 🙂
    Is there any way for applying to perform on this stage or is the lineup set up already?
    If there is, could you please give me an e-mail to send info and promotional recordings.
    I play in a Lithuanian band currently recording our first album for a DIY Australian label.

    Thankful in advance,
    Vyrash Karunos

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