Two Thousand Ten

Well 2010 is coming to an end.  A very special year for Primavera Sound, the year of it’s tenth anniversary.  Ten years which have shown that miracles exist.  When we started this adventure nobody would have put money on the survival of such a colossal and specialized event at the end of May.  But little by little reality asserted itself and we showed that there was a gap in the circuit for a festival like ours and that with time we would even become one of the most renowned musical events in Europe

All of this is thanks to your unconditional support.  You have always been there, during the most risky editions, under the rain or in the blazing sun, in the Poble, the Mercat de las Flors or in the Fòrum, packing the Apolo and Sidecar and La 2

during the week.

Between us all we have revolutionised the concept of promotion through our forum and our blog.  We have accomplished the impossible in this country – selling full festival tickets before announcing one single band and including an Auditorium on a festival site.

The papers talked about culture when they referred to Primavera Sound!

And 2011 is here and with it comes a new decade that will bring new challenges that we will have to face.  The world is constantly changing and with it the festival, but one thing is sure and that is that with your support we will continue being successful, as always.


Happy Christmas



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